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Concept Models | Lancaster, PA

The Nissan Titan Warrior and Nissan IDS concepts highlight the depth in diversity of Nissan’s engineering and design.

Nissan Titan Warrior

The Nissan Titan Warrior is a sleek yet unabashedly in-your-face all-terrain truck designed to drive as tough as it looks. This extra-duty pick-up is crafted for going off road, with burly features like its custom off-road suspension, a Cummins Turbo Diesel V8 engine, racing-style shocks with custom reservoir mounts, and more. Its exterior aesthetic has been named “modern armor” by Nissan’s designers thanks to its fluid and form-fitted body design. Nothing is frivolous about the Nissan Titan Warrior’s look, with fully-functional hood vents and high visibility headlamps. The interior mirrors the no-holds-barred spirit of the exterior with premium features designed to maximize comfort and functionality. From under the hood to behind the wheel, every aspect of the Nissan Titan Warrior concept promises adventurous performance and bold experience.
coming soon-truck - 640x480.jpg

Nissan IDS

The Nissan IDS concept takes drivers to the opposite end of the automotive spectrum from the Nissan Titan Warrior. The Nissan IDS is the “future of electric autonomous driving,” and, boy, does it look it. The lithe, futuristic design of the IDS immediately clues onlookers on to the next-level capabilities of the car. Its lightweight carbon fiber body and aerodynamic design allow for maximum driving efficiency. Inside, the Nissan IDS sports a high-capacity 60 kWh battery for exceptional driving range, but the true wonder of the Nissan IDS is its revolutionary interior. Designed for the autonomous future, drivers (or passengers, rather,) can select the “Piloted Drive” option and the steering wheel melds with the all-touch instrument panel, which displays information and entertainment with crystalline clarity. In Piloted Drive, the four seats will also shift slightly together to allow for relaxation and conversation while you travel, as if you never even left your living room. Upon returning to “Manual Drive,” the seats return to the forward-facing position and the steering wheel reappears from the dash. An LED light strip running along the exterior of the IDS is used to communicate with pedestrians, cyclists, and other vehicles, flashing white to indicate that it has seen them. End to end, there’s nothing about the Nissan IDS that will fail to amaze drivers of today.
coming soon-car - 640x480.jpg
While one might be hard-pressed to find more unlike vehicle concepts than the Nissan Titan Warrior and the Nissan IDS, both share the skillful and thoughtful engineering that comes standard with every Nissan product. We look forward to see what cars coming to the Lancaster Nissan dealership lot get inspiration from these vehicles.


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