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When it is time for you to get a new vehicle, you are ultimately faced with the decision of whether you want to buy new or used? There are pros and cons of both decisions, so it is about finding the vehicle that will work best for you.​  Here are just some of the great reasons to buy used to help you in your decision making process.
These days, used cars are better options than ever, thanks to programs such as Nissan’s Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Program. CPO Nissan vehicles are essentially as good as new, and they offer bonus benefits and are selected by specialized technicians.​  These CPO vehicles go through a detailed inspection for quality and come with a limited warranty coverage.
And you really cannot beat the money saved. The difference between the price of a new car and a used car can be enormous, and that’s money that could really come in handy down the road.​  Or you can choose to take the money you would spend on a new car and buy a higher trim level with extra features in a used vehicle.
Additionally, when it comes to a used car, you know what you’re getting. Thanks to the Internet, it’s easy to do a quick search on an older make and model. You can learn everything there is to know about its past. And many of the little quirks about every new vehicle will hopefully already be addressed and repaired.
For more information on the benefits of buying used or certified pre-owned, or to check out our enormous selection of used vehicles, please contact us. Or better yet, come in to Lancaster Nissan of Lancaster, PA to test drive your next “new” used vehicle today!

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Why Buy a Used Nissan

Buying a used Nissan is a great decision. Cars are more reliable than ever before making used cars not only a wise financial choice, but they aren’t the risk that they used to be. There are numerous benefits to choosing a used Nissan, especially from Lancaster Nissan. Here are some of them:

Endless Variety

When you opt for used you aren’t limited to a single model year. You can shop around until you find the exact car you want with the features you love.


If you take the same budget you would use for a brand-new car and shop for something used, you could potentially get a fully loaded luxury model—something that you would never be able to afford new.


You avoid the major brunt of a car’s initial depreciation when you buy used. This means you’ll get to keep more of the money that you’re paying for the car when the time comes for you to trade it in.


There are reviews of new cars available, but not nearly as many as there are for used. When you look for reviews for cars that are just a few years old, you learn all about must-have features and things to look out for. And you learn what drivers who have had the car for a few years really think about it.

For the discerning buyer who wants more security in their used car purchase, Nissan offers an excellent Certified Pre-Owned program. Learn more about our Certified Pre-Owned program and test drive our used models at Lancaster Nissan of Lancaster, PA.

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